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Sunday, December 13, 2009

My final year project titile is “Cytotoxicity activity study of Nauclea subdita leaves extract”. Generally, it is about the screening of Nauclea subdita leaves extract whether it has the possible anti cancer properties or not.

“ the roots, the barks, the leaves and the sap of Nauclea subdita had different useful parts for food, medicine, construction and commercial uses” - Murniati, et al.(2008).

This is why Nauclea subdita was chosen because it is rarely being investigated scientifically and too little information regarding of this. The keywords for this study is “genus Nauclea is known to produce many kinds of indole alkaloids”. One of the biological activities of indole alkaloids are antiproliferative (anti cancer).

There were 3 types of cells have been treated with N.subdita leaves extract …HSC3 oral cancer, H1299 lung cancer and HACAT normal cell. The results might be varies. .The extract might have anti cancer properties (selectivity inhibition) against different neoplastic (cancer) cells growth.

Until at this moment, the results have not been interpreted yet. Generally, we have to determine the IC50 from the graph. The graph must be created first from the result as a serial dilution was done for the treatment (extracts). In other words, we have to determine at what concentration of extracts that would inhibit 50% of cancer cells. If the IC50 is less than 30ug/ml, only then it will be considered to have anti cancer properties.

So, to madam or anyone who has any suggestion regarding of my topics, you are most welcomed. Your contribution is highly appreciated.

To all friends, best of luck for your FYP as well. May this FYP would benefit us a lot.


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